9 Feb 2019

The Living Wheel Astrology Card Deck Review

This is another deck I came across by chance whilst looking for something else and was instantly fascinated with them. I taught myself some astrology many years ago but haven't really delved into since then. These cards offer a great way to incorporate astrology into your cartomancy or divination practice, so I'm delighted to be able to offer my initial thoughts on the deck.

8 Feb 2019

5 Alternative Uses for Tarot

For the average non-tarot card user the term 'Tarot Cards' will probably conjure up thoughts of black magic and witchcraft, or charlatans. It can get a bad rap, but what many will not realise is that there are many uses for Tarot cards you might not have expected.

28 Jan 2019

No Place for Nice-washed, Cute or Fluffy Tarot?

Do you like 'nice-washed' tarot decks or oracle cards?  It's a bit of a controversial subject in the Tarot community. Don't know what 'nice-washed' tarot means, and what the conversation is about? Well read on here...

3 Dec 2018

5 Ways To Learn Tarot Cards

Image ©Herkimer Blue, Tarot Cards Images
 ©Osho International Foundation, 
Jonathan Saiz, fountaintarot.com, Renata ThelemaDreamsArt
Learning tarot can seem daunting if you consider there are usually 78 cards in the deck, all with different meanings (and layers of meaning..). Here are 5 different ways that might help you get started...

13 Nov 2018

Finding out the contents of something with Kipper card divination!

I'm always on the look out for new ways to practice my cartomancy. I recently came across a really fun way to find out what's inside something....

20 Oct 2018

Prince Harry & Meghan Merkle - Will they have a boy, a girl, or twins?

The speculation has begun...will Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle have a boy or a girl? I did a quick tarot reading to get some insight...

15 Oct 2018

Business Tarot Card Spread

There are a wide variety of tarot spreads out there to suit a range of different situations, but I've found that there are not many spreads for business situations, at least not suited to a reading I needed to do recently. So I put together my own based on other spreads I've come across so far.