30 Jun 2020

The Problem of Pirated Tarot Decks (and what you can do to help stop it)

The issue of pirated tarot decks has come up recently in tarot forums I belong to. It's not something I've seen discussed very often in the past, but it seems to be an increasing problem and something which can ultimately affect all of us who buy tarot decks.

29 Apr 2020

Using Game or Playing Cards For Tarot Readings

using playing or game cards for tarot

Have you ever thought about using cards which are not actual tarot cards to do tarot readings?

4 Apr 2019

What will happen regarding the Brexit withdrawal deal (Tarot Reading) [UPDATE]

In my blog post 'What will happen regarding the Brexit withdrawal deal' I talked about a tarot reading I had done earlier in the year for for this question up to the end of March (when the original Brexit date was set). As we are now in April I've looked back over this reading to see if any of it was relevant...

3 Apr 2019

Why is no-one talking about the dangers of developing psychic abilities?

This is a conversation I've had in the past with close friends but I've rarely seen it come up in all the tarot/divination articles, posts, videos I've come across. Everyone wants to talk about what you can do, but not what you shouldn't do...

22 Feb 2019

What will happen regarding the Brexit withdrawal deal (Tarot Reading)

Brexit agreement tarot reading at tarotjourneys
Looking back on some readings in my tarot journal I came across this one I did in January regarding the Brexit withdrawal deal for the UK...

Dress for Success Tarot Spread

tarot spread for the day ahead dress for success
Wanting some advice for the day ahead? Try replacing this with your daily draw for a more in depth look or advice about the day to come.

9 Feb 2019

The Living Wheel Astrology Card Deck Review

The living wheel astrology cards deck review
This is another deck I came across by chance whilst looking for something else and was instantly fascinated with them. I taught myself some astrology many years ago but haven't really delved into since then. These cards offer a great way to incorporate astrology into your cartomancy or divination practice, so I'm delighted to be able to offer my initial thoughts on the deck.